What is the Mevo+ Pro Package ?

The FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor has gotten even better. FlightScope recently introduced its Mevo+ Pro Package. What is it? The Mevo+ pro package is an add-on option to the award winning Mevo+ that gives access to more data parameters powered by FlightScope’s patented Fusion Tracking technology.

With it, you now have access to in-depth club data such as club path, face to path, swing plane, dynamic loft, and more. All additional data parameters will also be unlocked when using Mevo+ for golf simulation. Here is the data offering comparison with and without the pro package:

This is an important milestone for the Mevo+ as it is now one of the only launch monitors to offer such extensive club head data for less than $3,000.

How much does the Mevo+ Pro Package Cost?

The pro package from FlightScope will cost a one-time fee of $1,000. Making the total cost of Mevo+ with Pro Package $2,999.

Will previous purchasers be able to add on the Pro Package?
Yes, the upgrade will be added through an electronic license and software update. Therefore, all Mevo+ owners will have the opportunity to upgrade to the Pro Package.

How do I purchase the pro package?

The Pro Package can be purchased as a stand-alone upgrade here. Or can be added on to any Mevo+ purchase here. Upon purchase you’ll receive an upgraded license key via email.

What does this mean for SkyTrak?

We will have to wait and see whether or not SkyTrak, Mevo Plus’s closest competitor, will follow suit with some type of upgrade of their own. But for now, FlightScope may seemingly have an edge up on the market.

Currently, there are not a lot of launch monitor options between $3-10k. If you want to upgrade from units like SkyTrak or Mevo+ you will have to make a significant jump in price. So this update will provide a good option for those that don’t want to jump up to the premium launch monitor category just yet. But still want a little more from their launch monitor.

There are still a few advantages SkyTrak has over the Mevo+, however. You can read our SkyTrak vs Mevo+ article for the details!

How does Mevo+ now compare with FlightScope’s own X3?

Many FlightScope X3 owners may be feeling like the X3 is now not so different than a unit that costs $12,000 less. And there is some validity to that. With the Mevo+, you now can get extensive club data as well as the same Fusion Tracking technology used in the X3. This is an interesting move for FlightScope, and may signal a focus more towards the budget launch monitor category.

However, the X3 still holds a lot of advantages over the Mevo+. You get much more data. 50+ data points vs 27 on the Mevo+. As well as a significant upgrade in putting and chipping data points. You also get some extra features like lesson recording, swing plane tracers, and MultiCam feeds.

Nevertheless, the gap between units has shrunk. And X3 is seemingly even more for the advanced pro or instructor. With Mevo+ now being able to serve both pro’s and amateur’s alike.