Setting Up A Home Driving Range

Setting up your own home driving range is easier than you might think! These days there are a lot of options no matter the budget or space requirements you may have. From small mat and net setups that are under $300 to full on driving range simulators, there are options for all.

In this guide we’ll go over everything you need to make your dream of having your own at home driving range a reality. We’ll cover the best products on the market, top things you can do to upgrade your setup, driving range kits, and more!

But if you’re like me, you don’t love to read the details and just want the fast answer! So if that’s you, here are the 4 must-haves for a home driving range:

At Home Driving Range Must-Haves

The SwingNet Golf Net

driving range net for home
A great indoor/outdoor net that’s easy to setup and take down.

The SwingTurf Golf Mat

driving range golf mat for home
A great indoor/outdoor golf mat that is easier on the joints and offers a very realistic feel.

The Rapsodo MLM Launch Monitor

home driving range launch monitor
Our #1 recommendation for upgrading your home driving range setup. The MLM connects to your phone to provide video recordings of your swing as well as key data points like distance, ball & club speed, launch angle, and more.

Landing Pad Turf
(if hitting on a hard surface)

turf floor protection
If you are hitting on a hard surface like concrete or wood floors, then you will need something to protect your floors – like this landing pad turf.

Now that we have our quick picks out of the way, let’s dive a bit deeper into the best products for different types of setups and spaces!

Buying (or Building) a Golf Net

The first thing you will need for your setup is a golf net. The best golf net for your setup will depend on your budget, whether you’re setup will be indoors or outdoors, as well as the space you have available.

Building a DIY Golf Driving Range Net

If you’re a handy person and like do-it-yourself type projects, then building your own net is possible for your home driving range. There are a variety of ways you can build your own net, but here is our recommended path:

Building The Frame using PVC Pipes
PVC pipes are an easy, affordable, and sturdy material for a golf net frame. 1 1/2″ PVC Pipes can be found at any big box hardware store for a reasonable price. You’ll simply cut 10′ PVC pipes to your desired height and width for your frame. Connect them together using PVC elbows. Then you’ll build the net support in a similar fashion. The end result will look something like this:

Insert hook screws for netting

Once the framing is built, you will need to drill holes on the inside of your framing so that you can screw in your screw hooks. You want the net to have a little give so that it doesn’t act like a trampoline and shoot the balls back at you. Typically spacing the hooks every 8-12″ works out well.

Cut netting to size and attach to hooks

Lastly, you will want to find some netting. Ideally you can find some netting that perfectly matches the size of your frame. If not, you can cut your net to size using something as simple as a box cutter. Attach you net to the screws on the inside of your frame and you’re done!

Word to the wise about DIY Golf Nets

Although building your own home golf net is a relatively simple DIY project, it oftentimes doesn’t end up saving you that much money. With as many cheap golf nets from China as there are available on Amazon, it’s quite possible to find a cheaper net than what you could build yourself.

Making a net out of PVC and netting will end up costing around $75 for an average sized net. And there are actually a decent amount of nets out there for close to that same price! So unless you already have some left over PVC or netting from other projects, we’d suggest to save yourself the hassle and just buy a net! It will look prettier, save you time, and probably be a lot lighter/portable.

Best Golf Mat Options for Home Driving Range

The next thing you will need for your setup is a golf mat. This choice mostly comes down to how much you are willing to spend for quality. Quality mats will last a lot longer, provide a much more realistic strike through the turf, and be easier on your joints. With mats, there aren’t many brand names so you pretty much get what you pay for.

Upgrading your setup with a launch monitor

One of the best things you can do to make your driving range at home feel more like an actual driving range is to add-on a launch monitor to your setup. The biggest downside to hitting into a net is that you must rely on “feel” to determine how good you are swinging. This is why you can practice at home and think you’re swinging great, only to get out on the course and find yourself hitting 30 yard push slices all day long.

Launch monitors will give you the correct feedback you need to assess how you’re hitting and make adjustments. The best launch monitors will even show you’re actual ball flight just like you would see out on the real driving range.

Launch monitors can range quite a bit in price. On the low end you’ll find units between $300-$600. These systems will typicall tell you how far you’re hitting it, your ball and swing speed, and a few other shot metrics. Units $2,000 and up will give you more data as well as typically provide your actual ball flight.

Home Driving Range Kits

A good way to go about setting up your own home driving range is to purchase a kit, or package, that includes everything for the setup. Here are two great options. One for a low-cost basic setup, and the other for a premium setup with golf simulation

Wrapping Up

In the end, building a home driving range can be a relatively inexpensive way to satisfy your golf itch. The setup you go with can vary from having a simple net and mat setup to a full golf simulator. Rain or Shine Golf prides ourselves on being the best resource for all your home golf needs! Check out some of our best guides to help find the best products for your needs