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In this article, we’ll cover the differences between two of the most popular personal launch monitors from FlightScope – Mevo and Mevo+.

As the top golf launch monitor reseller on the market, we have spent a fair amount of time testing these two units, and can confidently provide some helpful information regarding the differences between Mevo and Mevo Plus. Here they are!

Mevo vs Mevo Plus Differences

1. Mevo Plus Provides More Data

Summary: Mevo+ tracks more data points while Mevo provides primarily distance metrics.

The amount of data that each launch monitor provides is one of the biggest differences between these two units. as you will see in the cart to the right (or below on mobile), Mevo+ tracks 8 more data points than Mevo – the most important being Shot Shape.

With Mevo, you will not see the direction or curve of your shot like you will with Mevo+. With Mevo+, you will get shot tracers on every shot.

Because of this, Mevo+ makes for a much better indoor launch monitor. Since you can’t see your ball flight with Mevo, using Mevo indoors will mostly consist of dialing-in your distances or working to improve your club speed.

2. Mevo Plus Is A Golf Simulator

Summary: Other than more data, one of the biggest draws to Mevo+ over Mevo is its golf simulation capabilities

Mevo Plus is one of only 2 other launch monitors on the market that offer quality golf simulation integrations for under $2,000. The others are SkyTrak and the new Garmin R10. This means that you can play real courses right from home. The Mevo+ comes with a free version of the E6 connect software, which allows you to play 5 courses right out of the box. Or you can upgrade to the full version of E6 Connect or TGC 2019 to play famous courses like Pebble Beach or Augusta!

The golf simulation aspect of Mevo+ is a huge draw. We’ve written a short review of it which you can find here. But the gist of it is that it’s really cool. Putting can be a bit inaccurate if you don’t have a level surface all the way up to where the ball will hit. But getting to play real courses is really fun!

3. No Skills App with Mevo

The FlightScope Skills App is a good app for keeping sessions interesting as well as benchmarking your ability. It’s a somewhat simple app that presents a series of targets that you’ll hit shots to. Each shot is scored, based on its proximity to the target, and cumulated to give an overall score/performance for the session.

This is a good way to work on a weakness. For example, if you know you struggle with long irons, you could set up a course that takes you through different targets between 150-200 yards. And then you can repeat that same challenge every practice session and monitor your improvement.

Overall this feature gets highly under-utilized by our staff. We end up tinkering around on the driving range or playing a course much more often.

But nonetheless, it’s a feature you don’t get with Mevo.

4. Mevo is much smaller

At 3.5″ x 2.7″ x 1.2″, Mevo is considerably smaller than Mevo. Not that Mevo Plus is a big unit, but rather Mevo is just tiny. It also only weighs half a pound. It’s smaller than a phone and can be easily carried in a pocket.

Mevo+ is slightly bigger than your average sized book. It’s still very light, and will fit in your golf bag. But with Mevo, you can literally put it in your pocket. Which is nice if you ever want to casually break it out here and there during a round.

5. Large Cost Difference

Summary: Largely due to the above factors, Mevo+ costs $1,500 more than Mevo

Mevo vs Mevo Plus Similarities

1. Both Are Very Accurate

In our testing, both FlightScope units provide superb accuracy on the metrics they capture. We’ve seen many users conduct on-course testing. And both units are rarely more than a couple yards off the actual distances hit on the course.

2. Both Work Indoors and Outdoors

Both the mevo+ and mevo work indoors and outdoors. Indoors, they will require 8′ of ball flight to accurately capture the shot. And also are always placed 8′ behind the ball down your target line. So all in all you will need a decent sized space to use indoors. But if you have it, then your set to go!

One underrated perk of owning one of these units is being able to throw it in your golf bag and head out to the course or driving range with it. It’s super helpful to verify what you are seeing indoors, as well as just to give yourself some extra data while you are practicing.

We do find that both units tend to have a few more misreads here and there when using indoors vs outdoors. But if you give yourself ample space, then there shouldn’t be enough to be too annoying.

3. Both Provide Video Analysis w/ Data Overlay

Both FlightScope Mevo and Mevo+ offer what they call Automated Video Clipping. Which essentially works like this:

In the app, you’ll select the video mode and have your camera start capturing video. Once you hit a shot, the app will automatically clip the video to just the last few seconds so that you have a nice short video of only your swing. It will then display that shots data over the video. They also give you some nice drawing tools so that you can draw lines to better analyze your swing!

This is a really cool feature if you are a swing tinkerer like myself! You’ll also be able to save your videos for later viewing. Which is great if you wanted to look back and see what you were doing during a period when you may have really been striping the ball.


In our opinion, both units are worth their price. While you don’t get flight path and golf simulation with the lower-tiered FlightScope Mevo, it does cost considerably less. Choosing which unit is right for you depends largely on what you want to use a launch monitor for.

With Mevo, you’ll be able to dial in your carry distances to the yard. You’ll also be able to see your clubhead speed and can monitor how different changes in your swing can help you to create speed. Which in today’s age is half the battle.

With Mevo+ you’ll have a bit more data to analyze, be able to see your flight path, and have the option to play real courses.

If you have the extra budget, Mevo+ is a considerable upgrade. Mevo makes for a really good starting launch monitor, whereas the Mevo+ is better suited for someone who has used a launch monitor before, or is more serious about their game.

Read our Customer Reviews below to get some insight on what other golfers are saying about each unit! And if you have any specific questions we’d be more than happy to answer them! Feel free to email us at or call us at 1-888-831-9489. You can even text us now! Shoot us a text at 1-844-572-0749.