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Mevo+ was announced at the 2020 PGA Show and has quickly become one of the most popular new launch monitors on the market.

And for good reason! There is a lot to like about Mevo Plus. It’s accurate, portable, provides really helpful data, and even allows you to use it as a golf simulator.

In this product review, we’ll go over the good, bad, and everything in between!

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Is Mevo+ Accurate?

The takeaway: It’s a pleasant surprise that you can get this level of accuracy for way less than some of the pricier launch monitors on the market.

The Mevo+ uses 3d doppler radar technology to track and analyze your ball flight. This type of technology is slightly mind boggling and I don’t completely understand it. But it’s used in all the top launch monitors and originated from the miltary – so it must be legit. It also uses microwave signals so I think you might be able to fry up your hot dog at the turn with it.. But that’s beside the point.

The point is that in testing Mevo+ against your typical distance numbers, against other launch monitors, and out on the course, Mevo+ is impressively accurate.

It’s rarely more than 3-4 yards off what I’d expect. And it also seems to be accurate with the woods. Many launch monitors on the cheaper end struggle with longer distances but with the Mevo+, I don’t see that.

Mevo+ requires metallic stickers and a decent amount of space indoors

If you are planning on using Mevo+ indoors you will need a decent amount of space. Mevo+ needs to be placed 8′ behind the ball down the target line. And it also needs at least 8′ of ball flight in order to accurately capture the shot. So all in all you will need at least 16′ of depth to use Mevo+ with good results.

Another key point of info is that FlightScope recommends using metallic stickers on the ball when indoors.

This is so that the unit can better track the ball with a limited amount of ball flight. This is a bit of a hassle at first. But ultimately it’s not a huge deal. The stickers are pretty cheap and once you get everything marked up, you don’t have to worry about it.

What data does Mevo Plus Provide?

The Takeaway: Mevo+ provides a ton of really useful data. But like other launch monitors in this price range, it misses some more advanced club head data.

Mevo+ provides 16 data points. It provides all the most important data metrics such as carry and total distance, ball speed & club speed, and spin rate & axis.

The main data metrics you miss out on with Mevo+ vs a more expensive unit are advanced club metrics such as club path, impact location, and face angle at impact.

But for the average golfer, the Mevo+ provides more than enough data to rack your brain.

With the data Mevo+ provides, you’ll be able to dial in your distances, you’ll be able to see your spin rate and launch angle metrics (which are the most important metrics to work on if you’re looking to hit the ball further), and most importantly you can see your shot shape. So if you’re practicing indoors this is huge for obvious reasons.

Here are the 16 data points you’ll get with Mevo+.

FlightScope Mevo+ Features

Summary: An impressive list of useful features that will help you improve your game and keep you entertained.

The FS Golf App provides some great data views

The FlightScope Golf App is the main app that you will use for the standard driving range session. It can be used on Android or iOS devices. So you’ll want to set up a phone or tablet next to your hitting station when using the launch monitor.

Or if indoors, you could hook up your device to a tv or projector to get it to display on a bigger screen.

Mevo+ provides a ton of different ways to view your data. I typically find myself just using the standard down the line driving range view with the shot tracer.

But I also like the over head view which shows my shot groupings. You can view all your shots across an entire session or just a singular club if you hit multiple clubs.

The overhead view with shot groupings gives you a really good gage on how consistent a session was. It also can provide a good way to narrow in on what needs work. When you view the overhead view of an entire session it will group each club you hit. This way you can see what club led to the widest dispersion of shots.

For me this is often my long irons and driver. But from week to week this might be different. And it’s a great way to easily see how consistent I was throughout a session.

Skills Challenges

The FlightScope Skills app allows you to play a skills challenge type game which is scored. It works by presenting a sequence of virtual targets in a session where golfers can hit shots to each target. Each shot is scored, based on its proximity to the target, and cumulated to give an overall score/performance for the session.

You can customize the challenge to make the targets easier or more challenging.

Overall, this app isn’t anything too complex. And it’s a nice way to create a more purposeful practice session for yourself. And I like how it presents a final score so that you can compete against yourself. I like to try and beat my best score each time out.

Video Clipping

The video clipping feature within Mevo+ is one of my favorites. I am a huge swing video junky. My friends always get annoyed with me constantly asking them to record my swing.

But ultimately it’s so helpful because what you feel like you’re doing is often different than what you are actually doing!

The video feature allows you to connect Mevo+ to your phone of tablets camera. Your phone/tablet will then be recording your swing and Mevo+ will automatically clip the video for each shot and attach it to the data of that shot.

You can then go back to view all the normal shot data Mevo+ provides along with the accompanying swing video.

For me this is a game changer. Let’s say over a session I have a few big slices. With video clipping on, I can go back and look at the swings that made those slices and figure out what I did differently on those swings compared to my best shots.

For someone looking to use a launch monitor to improve your game, then this feature is awesome!

Using Mevo+ for Golf Simulation

Summary: One of the best parts about Mevo+ is that it comes with a free golf simulation software

Now the fun part! Golf simulation!

I think this is probably the coolest part of Mevo+. It includes a basic version of the E6 Connect Software, which allows you to play 5 courses, have access to 17 different driving ranges, and play a little arcade style driving range game.

The Mevo Plus also integrates with the full version of E6, as well as the Golf Club 2019. So if you want to pay for a more expansive software, you can do so.

How realistic is simulation with Mevo Plus?

Simulation through E6 Connect is very good. E6 is one of the leading golf simulation software programs on the market, so it provides a really good experience.

You can play just with an iPad or opt for a full golf simulator package like the Mevo+ SwingBay Golf Simulator Package.

A full simulator setup with a projector and screen is definitely a way more realistic and fun experience. But you can also have a lot of fun with a simpler setup.

One of the nice things is there is very minimal shot delay. Once you hit your shot, Mevo+ nearly instantly populates the shot on the screen. This is one of the downsides to Mevo Plus’s closest competitor, SkyTrak.

Putting is a little tricky at first, especially if you are playing on a tablet. It’s also possible to get some misreads if you don’t have some sort of turf that is the same height as your mat which your putt can roll on. Otherwise your ball will roll off your mat onto a different level which causes Mevo+ to have some misreads.

But the graphics are really solid and playing courses is a lot of fun!

TGC 2019 is Worth It For The Courses

If you are interested in Mevo+ primarily for course play, then it’s worth it to buy The Golf Club 2019 (TGC 2019). It costs an additional $995 but has a seemingly endless course library.

You can play courses like Augusta and TPC Sawgrass. There are so many top courses that you can basically follow the PGA Tour and play all the PGA Tour stops each week!

Mevo+ Compared to More Expensive Launch Monitors

We’ve tested a lot of different launch monitors so we feel that we have a pretty good understanding of how they all stack up. And to be honest, Mevo+ isn’t that far off from units that cost upwards of $10,000.

But here are a few things you miss out on compared to the more expensive launch monitors:

Extensive Club Data

More expensive units often have more club data metrics such as impact location on clubface, club path, and face angle.More Video Analysis Features

Some launch monitors like the Uneekor QED allow you to see a slow motion video of your club through impact.In-depth putting analysis

While Mevo+ does read putts, some launch monitors provide more in-depth putting metrics and training modules.White labeling of session reports

This allows you to put your brand logo on session reports. Typically used by instructors and teaching academies to send students their results from a lesson.

While you do miss out on some of these more advanced features, Mevo+ still provides a ton of capabilities for the price. But it’s important to know what else is available given a bigger budget.

How Much Space Do I Need for Mevo+?

When reviewing indoor launch monitors, the amount of space needed is an important factor to consider. With Mevo+, you place it 7-8′ behind the ball (straight down the target line). Mevo+ also requires 8′ of ball flight. So all in all, you’ll need 15′-16′ of depth to use Mevo+ indoors.

Mevo+ does not have any width or height requirements. But you still need enough space to swing a club. Typically around 10′ of width and 9′ of height gives you enough space to swing all your clubs comfortably.

Outdoors, Mevo+ still requires 7-8′ of space behind the ball and at least 8′ of ball flight.


Overall, this launch monitor is just plain awesome. For a golf nut, it’s the ultimate toy.

It’s accurate, and provides a ton of cool data and features. It’s a solid choice for both a lower handicapper who really wants to dive into the data, or a higher handicapper who is more so looking for a good time with family and friends.

It’s golf simulation compatability is the icing on the cake. Being able to play real golf from the comfort of your own home is really cool. And great for the winter months!

If you plan to use your launch monitor outdoors or take it out to the range, then Mevo+ is a clear top dog in this price range. But if you plan to use you launch monitor mostly indoors, then SkyTrak is a close competitor. It requires much less space indoors making it more flexible for indoor users. It just isn’t quite as accurate as Mevo+ outdoors.

If you’re concerned with the space requirements of Mevo+, then read this similar review we did on the SkyTrak Launch Monitor.