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In this guide we’re offering up our honest feedback on the Ernest Sports ESB1 Launch Monitor, a relatively new launch monitor to the market. In this ESB1 Review we’ll go over the good, bad, and everything in between! Here are some links in case you want to skip to specific sections:



Summary: Spot on accuracy outdoors with less accurate results indoors.

The ESB1 Launch Monitor uses the latest 3D doppler-based radar technology to deliver 6 crucial metrics after every shot.

Overall, the ESB1 seems to be on par with other launch monitors we've tested in this price range. It will come up with some numbers every now and again that seem a bit off. But overall is very accurate considering the price!

We did find the accuracy to be significantly better outdoors. When compared to more expensive launch monitors indoors, the ESB1 tended to overestimate clubhead speed, while delivering carry distances that seemed to be 5-10 yards off with the irons and upwards of 20 yards off with woods.

However, when the unit was tested outdoors it got a lot better. All numbers were nearly spot on. Even with the longer clubs.


Although the ESB1 can spit out some numbers that you aren't always confident in, it seemed to be very accurate when looking at your averages across a session. Once again, more so outdoors than indoors. But even indoors, the unit was definitely in the ballpark of expected numbers across a session.

Considering the ESB1 is $1,500 less than the next teir of launch monitors, we'll take an off number every now and again!



The Ernest Sports ESB1 does not have a great driving range view. But this is pretty common in the under $500 launch monitor category. It does offer a driving range view (some don't at all) with a shot tracer. As well as the ability to put a shot tracer on your swing video recordings. However, the shot tracer never came from the middle of the screen. And the view it provided didn't really tell you much. On video recordings, you have to manually add the shot shape (draw, fade, push, pull) for it to populate a tracer. Which just tells you it's probably not a super reliable tracer.



Summary: An solid offering of features for a launch monitor in the budget category.

Ernest Sports was able to pack a decent amount of useful features into the ESB1 launch monitor. Here is a full listing of its feature offering:


The feature that is most unique to ESB1 is voice control. With it, you can tell ESB1 to start recording a video of your swing, change clubs, and assign a shot shape to a shot.

This is extremely convenient because it prevents you from having to go to your phone every time you switch clubs or want to record a swing video.



Being able to take a video of your swing and record the data from the shot at the same time used to be reserved for the most expensive launch monitors. But now it's becoming the norm for all. As almost all of the most popular launch monitors under $500 have this feature. And we're quite happy about that! It's a very fun feature that is great for game improvement.



With the ESB1, you'll be able to see all your past range sessions. But what we like most is that the app allows for an easy view of your averages with each club. This is super important for mapping out your bag and seeing exactly how far you hit each club.

Most people play distances to their best shot. For example, when someone says they hit their 7 iron 150 yards. That most likely means they'll hit it 150 when they strike it pure. But...that doesn't happen often enough for us amateurs. So knowing your averages is a huge game-changer. And potentially a reality check!

What Data Does The ESB1 Provide?

Summary: Provides about what you would expect for $500
Here are the metrics that the ESB1 measures:

Distance (measured as carry distance)
Ball Speed
Club Speed
Launch angle
Spin Rate
Smash Factor
ESB1 does a great job of simplifying shot data
These 6 data points are 6 of the more essential shot metrics which is great because it doesn't overwhelm you. If you're not a scratch golfer, then you can easily get into the weeds by looking at different spin angles and other obscure data points. We found ourselves simply looking at distance and club speed after every shot.

If you're a more advanced golfer, then you may enjoy looking at your spin and launch angle numbers - especially with the driver. But for most, the ESB1 will do a great job of simplifying shot data into something an average golfer can learn from. You'll get a great understanding of how far you carry each club. As well as will be able to see how different changes in your swing can affect your club speed, smash factor, etc.

One thing you won't get is launch direction or side spin. Which is pretty common in this price range - so not really a knock on the ESB1. The Rapsodo MLM does provide launch direction, but loses spin. So if you don't care much about spin and do about launch direction, then Rapsodo may be a good option. And if the opposite is true, then stick with the ESB1.


You can adjust your session altitude

One pro to the ESB1 over some competitors is that you can adjust your playing altitude. This is huge as the altitude at where you are located can have a big impact on spin and carry numbers.

You won't be able to change other environmental factors such as temperature or humidity like you will with units like SkyTrak or Mevo+. But many launch monitors under $500 don't let you edit any environmental conditions.



We've tested a lot of different launch monitors here at Rain or Shine Golf. So we feel that we have a pretty good understanding of how they all stack up.

Here are the biggest pros to the ESB1:

Outdoor Accuracy
For launch monitors under $1,000, the ESB1 has best-in-class outdoor accuracy. While it's not fair to compare the ESB1 to launch monitors that cost thousands more, in its class, the ESB1 is a very reliable outdoor launch monitor.

The ESB1 is above average when it comes to alternative range modes. It offers a variety of skills challenge modules such as target practice and a range game they call capture the flag.

Voice Control
The ESB1 by Ernest Sports is the only launch monitor under $1,000 that offers voice control.


Now here are a few things the ESB1 misses:


Better shot tracers
While the ESB1 does provide shot tracers, they are just not that good in our opinion. You will get better views with units like the Rapsodo MLM or the Garmin R10

Golf Simulation
The Garmin R10 changed the game by offering golf simulation in a launch monitor under $1000. Not offering golf simulation isn't a knock on the ESB1 as much as it is a kudos to Garmin.


Extensive Ball and Club Data
More expensive units will give you much more data than the MLM. The $2,000 units like SkyTrak and Mevo+ will provide around 10-15 additional data points including side spin, carry and total distance, spin axis, and more.

Advanced Video Analysis
While the MLM does provide video playback, some systems provide more video analysis features and allow you to draw lines, swing planes, etc.

Improved Accuracy
One of the biggest upsides to more expensive units like SkyTrak, is that they will provide more consistent accuracy. Outdoors, the ESB1 is great. But if you're looking for precision accuracy indoors, then more expensive units will be a solid step up from the ESB1.



Overall, the Ernest Sports ESB1 launch monitor is a really awesome launch monitor for under $500. It's a solid entry-level launch monitor that will give you great insights on your swing.

Here is our quick breakdown for the ESB1:

Choose the ESB1 if you're looking for an entry-level launch monitor that you will use primarily outdoors.

If you'll want to use the launch monitor mostly indoors, then the Garmin R10 or FlightScope Mevo will be better suited.

And if the 6 data points ESB1 provides aren't enough for you, or if you want golf simulation integrations, then check out either the FlightScope Mevo+ or SkyTrak.

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