Commercial Golf Simulators


Indoor golf is booming. And as a result, more businesses are looking to add a commercial golf simulator to their business model.

Whether you own a bar, golf academy, apartment complex, or another business type, a golf simulator can be a great way to differentiate your business from others. And even add an additional revenue stream.

In this guide, we'll go over the top golf simulators that you can buy for your business, as well as important things to consider like the cost to operate, revenue models, and more.



1. The TruGolf Vista 12 Golf Simulator


This package is the best all-around commercial golf simulator. It's great for all business types and provides everything you need in one package.

The TruGolf Vista 12 features TruGolf's TruTrack Optical Sensor system for instant shot feedback and data display. It also comes with a wide 12' Enclosure for a stunning golf course display.


2. The Uneekor EYE XO SwingBay Golf Simulator


The Uneekor EYE XO SwingBay Golf Simulator is the best choice for golf courses, golf schools, and academies. It offers the most advanced and accurate ball and club data, and provides the best swing analysis features.

The most prominent feature of this system is Uneekor's SwingOptix system. Which provides super slow-motion footage of the club, impact location, and ball spin through impact.

The Uneekor EYE XO also provides world-class simulation and would be a fantastic simulator for any business. But we are putting it in the instruction category due to its superb shot analysis capabilities.

This specific package comes with everything you need including the computer and golf simulation software.


3. The TruGolf Vista 8 Pro Golf Simulator


This package is the way to go if you're wanting to save some money. This simulator offers a 'base' and 'pro' configuration. As a business, you'll want the pro configuration in order to get the 21″ Touch Screen Display, protective side netting, and mat to screen turf.

Although in the budget category, it's still a professional-quality setup. The main difference between this package and other setups is simply the size. At 9’W x 12’D x 8’H, the screen and mat are slightly more compact than other models.


One of the great things about a golf simulator is that they offer a very low ongoing maintenance cost. The cost to operate a commercial golf simulator can be broken down into the following categories:

Software Subscriptions


Your biggest recurring cost will most likely be any golf simulation software you choose to use with your golf simulator. For example, one of the most popular golf simulation software providers, E6 Connect, charges between $300-$400/month to use their software.

However, for businesses that plan on using their simulator long-term, we recommend spending the extra money upfront for a lifetime license. In the case of E6 Connect, a lifetime license costs $2,500. Other software, like TGC 2019, can be purchased for $995. This higher upfront cost will save you a significant amount of recurring fees in the long run.


Depending on who is using your golf simulator, you may want to make sure you have a staff member who can help users get set up and use the golf simulator appropriately.

If you are a private golf club, for example, you may not need this. As your typical user will be familiar with golf and most likely be a responsible person that you won't have to worry about damaging or misusing the simulator.

However, if you are running a bar then this might be different. Your users may not be familiar with how to use a golf simulator as well as...slightly tipsy. So having a staff member running the golf simulator aspect of the business may be necessary.



Another cost of owning a golf simulator is electricity. The electricity needed to power a golf simulator will be about double to triple what it would cost to display a tv. This is mostly due to the use of a projector, which typically uses more kWh than a modern TV.

While the cost isn't anything wild, you should expect to pay anywhere between $5-$20/mo per simulator in electricity costs. This assumes the simulator is running for 12 hours a day (9am-9pm) and you use an average projector. This is the cost of running one single simulator and does not factor in any other electricity you use like lights, dishwashers, POS systems, etc.


Another thing that should be considered is repairs. Operating a public golf simulator will put a lot of wear and tear on your golf simulators compared to a Home Golf Simulator.

From replacing or cleaning the screen, to projector burn out, to dented frames from bad golf shots, there are things that will need to be replaced.

The part of the simulator that will need to be looked after the most is the screen. Most of the maintenance of the screen will be simple cleaning. Cleaning off ball marks and other scuffs that can lead to a lesser-quality projection.

But other damages will likely occur over time and you should expect to budget between $200-$1000/yr per golf simulator for repairs and maintenance. Some years you may not need to replace anything, while other years you may need to replace large items like the computer or projector.


When thinking about adding a golf simulator to your business, you'll need to factor in two things - How much can I make directly from renting out time on the golf simulator? And How much profit can the golf simulator bring in indirectly?

A commercial golf simulator can bring in obvious revenue from a pay-per-use model. Let's look at that first.


If you plan to rent out your golf simulator on a per-use basis, then you will typically want to charge users per hour. This promotes a faster pace of play than charging users per round. You'll get more people in and out, avoid loss of revenue due to slow play, and be able to better schedule out time for users.

Depending on where you live, and the quality of simulator you have, you can charge anywhere from $30/hr-$150/hr. You can charge per person or simply charge one flat fee no matter how many users want to play. We recommend charging one flat fee no matter how many users play. This pricing model has worked extremely well for companies like TopGolf because it promotes a fun group environment.

So let's do some math. If you charge a flat fee of $75/hr (which is less than $20/person for a standard foursome) and book out the simulator the entire day - let's say 11 hours (10am-9pm).

That ends up being $825/day or $24,750/month for one simulator. Not bad considering you can buy one of the simulators above for less than what you could potentially make back in a month!

However, some businesses are looking for a golf simulator to add value to their current offering, rather than directly increase revenue through pay-per-use. Let's explore some other benefits of a commercial golf simulator.


Let's look at a bar or restaurant as an example use-case. Most bars and restaurants struggle to increase the revenue brought in per square foot. To do this, you must increase your average number of customers per day, the average time spent per visit, and your average customer bill size. Golf simulators do a fantastic job of improving all three of these areas.

Bring in more customers

Adding one or multiple golf simulators to your bar or restaurant will create a unique entertainment option for potential customers. It helps bars to stand out from the crowd and provide a differentiator that can convince a potential customer to choose your bar or restaurant over another. Golf simulators also bring in bigger groups of people to play on the simulator. Friends, family, business outings, and more will contribute to a higher number of people coming to your bar.

Increase the average time spent per visit

A golf simulator provides a great way to keep customers in the door. Depending on the players and size of the group, a typical round on a golf simulator will take 1-2 hours. Many groups may show up before and stay after for a drink, ultimately contributing to a longer average stay for customers.

Increase your average customer bill size

Most bars and restaurants charge per round or per hour of use on a golf simulator. This in itself will automatically add top-line revenue to your business. But on top of that, players will be ordering food and beverages throughout their time on the simulator. Our customers consistently enjoy seeing more money being spent per visit after getting a golf simulator.


Improve your atmosphere and customer experience

Whether you are playing or watching, customers enjoy the fun atmosphere that a golf simulator provides. Golf simulators provide both experienced golfers and those just starting out a stress-free way to enjoy the game and spend time with friends and family. Customers will leave with a smile on their face, increasing the likelihood they will come back and recommend your business to a friend.

Run tournaments and VIP Events

Golf simulators provide a great opportunity for bars to run special events. Competitive entertainment and special events keep your business top of mind throughout the week. They strengthen emotional affinity towards your business and provide a great social experience that customers will remember. Turning once-in-a-while customers into regulars!

Golf simulators can be used for more than just golf! Additional software options are available so that customers can play other simulator sports such as football, soccer, and baseball!

The golf simulator screen can also easily convert into a big-screen TV projection, providing a fantastic viewing party experience. Businesses can utilize the golf studio area as a private viewing area that customers can rent for big events like the Super Bowl or March Madness. Many bar and restaurant owners use our golf simulators for other purposes as well such as karaoke, trivia nights, business meetings, family reunions, and more!

Golf simulators provide a fantastic dual-purpose space that can be utilized in many different ways that add value to your business.