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FlightScope X3 Launch Monitor



FlightScope X3 Launch Monitor

The FlightScope X3 launch monitor provides unmatched technology, features, and accuracy. It’s the perfect tool for taking your game, lessons, or club fitting to the next level. 

Capable of measuring over 50 full-swing, chipping, and putting data parameters, the FlightScope X3 provides golfers the most extensive game analysis on the market. Use FlightScope’s video app to overlay swing data with video analysis. Or use FlightScope combine challenges to practice smarter and benchmark performance.

The X3 takes data accuracy to new heights with it’s patented Fusion Tracking technology. Fusion Tracking combines 3D tracking radar and image processing for unrivaled data accuracy. Whether you are an amateur, instructor, or tour pro, the FlightScope X3 will not disappoint!

We recommend placing the FlightScope X3 8′ behind ball.

FlightScope X3 Features

Short Game

A complete analysis of your putting and chipping with a customizable interface. Receive instant analysis on 13 putting and chipping measurements.

Video Analysis

Combine shot data with video analysis. Choose from a variety of data and video screen combinations. Complete with line drawing tools.

Skills App

Build customizable skills assessments to challenge yourself and benchmark performance. Compare your results with the FlightScope community, including PGA Tour Pros.

FlightScope Environmental Optimizer

FlightScope’s Environmental Optimizer (EO) allows you to prepare for any condition. Modify environmental factors such as temperature, altitude, humidity, and wind speed to see how different conditions affect your shot.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

FlightScope X3 can be used indoors and outdoors ensuring that you can practice with a purpose no matter the conditions. The space requirements for indoors is 8 feet of ball flight and 8 feet behind the impact. In total, you will need up to 16 feet of space. Metallic stickers are needed in an indoor environment in order for the X3 to accurately measure ball spin.